• We wanted to call ourselves Goodbye Amphibian, but figured Ciao Turtle would be better instead



    Dennis + Jared = Ciao Turtle

    Ciao Turtle is a singer-songwriting duo made up of Dennis Ng and Jared Chan.


    Instead of being defined by one clear genre, they explore a blend of genres such as funk, folk and pop in their song-writing. Their music is fuss-free – they are inspired by what they love hearing and re-invent where the songs lead them, taking their audience on an emotional journey with an open destination.


    They believe that music sounds different when it is played live; somehow, without you knowing, you are drawn to become part of the audience. And that’s how they like it. Simple, never taken too seriously, and always to be enjoyed!


    Ciao Turtle has been gaining popularity since the release of their first three singles "When The Stars" (Aug 2014), "I'm Out" (Dec 2014) and "Mary Jane" (Jun 2015). All three singles have been receiving regular airplay on national radio stations such as Lush99.5, 987fm, Class95 and Power98. "I'm Out" also achieved some commercial success and was ranked 24th on the iTunes singles chart within 24 hours of launch.


    On 14 November 2014, it was announced that Ciao Turtle’s song “Being Here” was selected as one of three finalists out of almost 1,000 entries for SG50 The Gift of Song songwriting competition organised by Mediacorp. The song was officially launched on 8 January 2015. Since then, Ciao Turtle has played at numerous local and international music festivals such as Music Matters Live 2015, Voidfest 2015, CQ Live Summer Music Festival 2015 and Wondersound Festival 2015.


    When asked about the philosophy driving their musical endeavour, Ciao Turtle said “Music is a journey, not a destination. Focus on the labour of love and the pursuit of passion.”



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